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Common Questions

Find answers to common enquiries about Pledge® and our products.

Pledge® products are available in grocery, drug, hardware, home improvement, and discount stores in Canada.

Many Pledge® products are available from your favorite online retailers.

Always read the back of label before using any Pledge® product and follow the directions for use. Test product on an inconspicuous area before use. If in doubt about whether it is suitable for use on your surface, refer to manufacturer's instructions.

Find out more about the surfaces each product was designed to clean.

Many elements of Pledge® products and packaging can be recycled.

From improving our products, encouraging green choices, using fewer resources and reducing waste, we are constantly working to make products you can feel good about using in your home.

Pledge® Wipes and packaging are not recyclable. Discard used wipes by placing them in the trash. Do not flush Pledge® Wipes down the toilet.

Empty Pledge® aerosol containers are recyclable if your municipality accepts aerosols. We recommend contacting your local recycling facility for information on aerosols.

Pledge® trigger bottles are produced with 50% post-consumer-recycled content. Pledge® plastic refill bottles can be recycled in most community recycling programs.

Find out more about how we are constantly working to make products you can feel good about using in your home.

We all care about what’s in the products we use in our homes and around our families. At SC Johnson, we’re working to select better and better ingredients for health, the environment and product performance. We're happy to make this information available so you can make informed choices for your family and home.

Learn more about our ingredients.

Pledge® and SC Johnson value the trust you place in us when you provide us with your personal information. We take your privacy seriously and are committed to protecting it.

Read the SC Johnson Privacy Notice.

As a family company, we care about making life cleaner, easier and better for families. We want to hear your thoughts, suggestions and questions.

Our consumer product helpline is happy to help you with questions or comments about our Canadian consumer products.

Phone: (800) 558-5566

You can also contact us via email.