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Pledge® Multi-Surface Duster
Pledge® Multi-Surface Duster

The Pledge® Multi-Surface Duster is a revolution in dusting and will transform the way you dust. After spraying down your surface with Pledge® Multi-Surface Aerosol, use the fluffy duster to trap the dust on most of your household surfaces by wiping it over the surface in a sweeping motion.

Cleans best on these surfaces
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Electronics

Product Benefits
  • Special Allergen Trappers® hold on to the dust
  • The 360° duster gets to hard-to-reach places that might usually get missed
  • Each starter kit includes one handle and two disposable dusters
  • The handle bends to let you spray the Multi-Surface formula directly on the duster or onto the surface
What's Inside SC Johnson

  1. Unfold the handle until it snaps into place
  2. Insert the prongs into either end of the duster with the fluffy side facing down
  3. Pull the duster onto the handle until it completely covers the prongs
  4. Shake the duster to fluff the cloth
  5. Do not wash the disposable duster
  6. If the surface is unknown, test this product on an inconspicuous area and check the results

Clean and see for yourself
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